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Does Jiffy Lube Rotate Tires?

Jiffy Lube

Does Jiffy Lube Rotate Tires?

Unlike oil changes and brake pad replacements, tire rotation is one of the maintenance operations that is least thought about. Keeping a close eye on your tire pressure is relatively easy because you’ll quickly notice if one tire is slacking, or if your PSI percentage has fallen on your dashboard screen. Determining if your tire has accumulated too much wear can be completed with the penny trick placed in a tread, or by simply taking a look at the wear bars on your tires as well. But when it comes to rotations, many drivers forget how crucial the service is because rotating is a rebalancing preventative measure, as opposed to an immediate maintenance service that must be performed in order to drive. Tire Rotation

Why We Rotate

Just as there are ways to cut down on accelerated wear within your vehicle’s vital components, there are methods to cut down on the wear generated on your tires as well. The danger of wear accumulation on your tires isn’t just that you run the risk of a sudden pop, but your functionality will be impeded during driving also. Worn-down tires have a sluggish response, which can be disastrous if you need to make a quick stop, and certainly won’t help the integrity of your inner wheels. The trouble is that wear formation typically occurs across one set of the tires instead of both. That’s where tire rotation services come in handy to prevent the need for premature tire replacement down the line. 

Since front tires carry about 60% of the vehicle’s weight, they will wear down much faster than the rear tires. Likewise, the way in which your front tires turn will also increase the wear accumulation in a manner faster than the rear. The idea of tire rotation is to take off each tire and replace it in a new position so that wear can develop across each tire more evenly. If tires are rotated according to manufacturer recommendations or at the same time as your routine oil changes, you’ll certainly extend the lifespan of each tire while reducing the probability of dangers on the road. Another thing to keep in mind is that you should not include your spare in a traditional tire rotation service because the spare is not designed for long periods of travel. Tire Replacement

Staying On Schedule

Does Jiffy Lube rotate tires? Yes. The service begins with a pressure check, followed by an inspection to determine how the wear has been distributed across the tires. Then, if a tire change is absolutely needed, that’ll be taken care of before repositioning each tire according to your manufacturer’s pattern recommendations. In less than an hour, your tires can find a level of balance that will reduce the need for a tire replacement while increasing fuel efficiency. Such a quick operation can be completed at the same intervals that you would receive a Jiffy Lube oil change, so a good way to stay on schedule would be to complete both at once. 


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