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How Often Should You Get A Wheel Alignment

Wheel Alignment

How Often Should You Get A Wheel Alignment

When it comes to routine car maintenance, many drivers neglect the importance of receiving alignment services because it’s hard to tell when it’s time for an inspection. Unlike other car issues, the symptoms of misalignment build up over time and can remain unnoticed for years. However, just because you’re able to drive, that doesn’t mean there aren’t more potential dangers brewing down the road. In the case of wheel alignment, there are many reasons to visit your nearest Jiffy Lube sooner than later, and we’ll discuss some of the main reasons here today.Wheel Alignment Service

The Warning Signals

Through normal car usage, the angling of the wheels will begin to slightly change over time due to warping and general wear within suspension components, such as sagging springs. As this process occurs, the steering of the vehicle will be most affected, resulting in a pull to one side instead of a forward drive. Likewise, the vehicle may drift toward one direction while driving on a perfectly flat, narrow road. If these signals aren’t popping up, another way to check if an alignment service is needed would be by checking the tire pressure. If the tires are losing pressure or accumulating wear in an uneven fashion, this may indicate alignment issues. Any of these signals, even when seen minimally, represent an alignment issue that should be addressed immediately. The most obvious of all the signs, however, would be crossing over a major pothole that jolts you into next week. For drivers around thrashed roads stricken with tons of potholes, it’s even more imperative to check for alignment or additional damage.

How It’s Done

During a wheel alignment service, the vehicle is test driven by a technician to check out how the steering and suspension are performing. If any of the components within the suspension or steering Nearest Jiffy Lubeareas are faulty or deteriorating, they must be replaced beforehand so that the wheel alignment can be accomplished. Once the vehicle is prepared for the alignment service, it is then raised onto an alignment rack where digital sensors measure the specific angles of each wheel. The technician at the nearest Jiffy Lube will then compare the results of the monitors with the car manufacturer’s specifications, adjusting where necessary.

By completing a wheel alignment service on the schedule recommended by your car manufacturer, you’ll not only restore complete control over the steering of your vehicle, but you’ll also protect the lifespan of your suspension. Though the old rule was to receive an inspection every few years, many professional technicians are now recommending going in for alignment as often as an oil change. Above all, if any car comes across a deep enough pothole or an unsuspecting curb, it’s time for a visit to the nearest Jiffy Lube to make sure the alignment of the vehicle hasn’t suffered severe damage. Traveling with misaligned tires can be a major hazard for yourself and the drivers around you, so don’t underestimate the necessity of this simple service.


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