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How To Check If You Need New Tires

Jiffy Lube Tire Services

If you aren’t already stranded on the side of the road, reading this article right now, you’re in good shape. That’s a good sign. But if you are asking yourself questions about whether or not it’s time for new tires, well, that may indicate you already have a hunch. But to be sure, there are a few methods you can try out right from home before heading in for Jiffy Lube tire services. All it takes is a little know-how to spot failing tires before you do actually end up in the unfortunate position of a flat.

Tread Wear Bar

As time passes, tire manufacturers continue to step up their game providing a higher amount of travel before needing a tire change. With the added durability came an awesomely useful section of tires that come equipped with a special bar that indicates when it’s time for a tire change. This indicator called the “tread wear bar” is a special set of grooves placed in the treads by the tire manufacturer. Typically, there are six or more tread wear bar indicators per tire, and when your treads wear down over time, these bars will begin to reveal themselves. If your bars begin to reveal themselves in an irregular manner, this may indicate that you need a tire rotation as well as a change.Tire Change

Ask Mr. Lincoln

One of the oldest tricks in the book for checking your tire treads is available with one penny. Simply take out a penny, and place the penny in the tread of your tire, with President Lincoln’s head facing downward. If you’re able to still see all of Lincoln’s head, you’ve got yourself a problem because that indicates your treads have worn down below safe levels. So if you can see Lincoln’s head, it’s time for a tire change. If you can only see Lincoln’s eyes and up, then your tires are still in good condition. Utilizing this easy method may not work for every single type of tire manufacturer, but nevertheless, it’s a timeless way of gauging the status of your tires without seeking professional Jiffy Lube tire services immediately.

Feel It Out

If your tires don’t have a tread wear bar, and if you don’t feel like asking Mr. Lincoln whether it’s time for a change or not, the final way is sure to jiggle your awareness…literally. Tire maintenance is definitely not just about making sure your treads haven’t worn too thin. It’s also about making sure your tire pressure is evenly distributed across each wheel. That means tire rotations should be a built-in part of your yearly maintenance if they need to be. When it comes to maintaining balanced pressure, there are actually multiple components that can affect the distribution.

If your brake pads are wearing down in an uneven fashion, that will ultimately affect your tire pressure. Likewise, irregular swerving or constantly driving in harsh conditions of weather can bring down Tire Rotationtire pressures in a strange, faster than usual manner. When your tire pressure is low on one side, it can end up dramatically affecting your steering, which can be a serious road hazard. Lastly, low tire pressure has a substantial effect on fuel economy, as your tires will have a harder time gaining friction on the road beneath. The lower the amount of friction, the harder your engine has to work to regain it. By feeling out your tires, noticing if they pull your car to one side instead of straight forward, you can tell if it’s time for a tire rotation or other Jiffy Lube tire services. We hope this information encourages you to consistently check your tire health, so you can safely stay in your lane instead of beside it.


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