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How To Make Your Tires Last Longer

Tire Repair

How To Make Your Tires Last Longer

Of all the areas of your vehicle which require maintenance over time, the tires are among the easiest to spot issues and provide treatment. Most of the monitoring techniques to check if your tires require more intensive repairs can be conducted on your own, and with digital readers available, modern drivers can be notified of an issue immediately. It’s easy to wait until you’re on the side of the road replacing your blown out tire with a spare or waiting for help from a tow, but there are many ways to maintain your tires before they decline in stature. Visiting a tire shop the moment you’re aware that you need tire repair will help prevent critical damage from incurring, so let’s go over some of the basics regarding extended tire health.

Stay On The NarrowTire Shop

Anytime you notice your vehicle pulling to the left side or the right during operation, it usually means there’s an issue with the alignment of the tires. Likewise, if the steering wheel begins to vibrate during your drives, this also is an indication of misalignment. Typically, alignment of the tires is thrown off when your tires are disturbed by uneven road surfaces such as potholes or rubble. Fixing your tire alignment is a relatively simple procedure that can be completed at any Jiffy Lube location the moment you feel that slight pull from the narrow.

Balance The Force

A lesser-practiced tire repair operation for tire health is the balancing of your wheels. Because each new tire and wheel have an imperfect heavy spot within them, this small defect begins to enlarge over the years. As this area weighs less than half ounces, professionals at your tire shop can add supplemental weights to balance out the heavy spot. By performing this easy adjustment, you can surely reduce the amount of tire repair you’ll need in the future.

Rotate Accordingly

Whether your vehicle possesses front-wheel or rear-wheel drive, the wear of your tires will inevitably become unbalanced over time. To combat the slow decline of the two hard-working tires, Jiffy Lube Largo can rotate your tires on a consistent basis to avoid further irregular wear. It’s a standard recommendation to receive rotations about every 5,000 miles traveled.Jiffy Lube Largo

Monitor Pressure

Did you know that every month, your tires lose about one PSI (pound per square inch) of pressure? More importantly, the way in which you drive your vehicle and the road debris which challenge your tires can accelerate the rate at which they lose pressure. Once the pressure is lost, the balance of your tires will be thrown off, and the alignment will soon be affected. Maintaining an even balance of pressure across each of your tires not only prevents accidents, but it will improve fuel efficiency by as much as 3.3% as well. To prevent delayed, sluggish responses from your tires, visit Jiffy Lube Largo to get refilled with the air balance you need and to see if there are any potential breaches in each tire. With a bit of maintenance on a well-developed schedule, you can avoid spending exorbitant amounts of money at the tire shop for replacements each year.

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