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How To Stop A Slow Leak In Your Car’s Tire

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How To Stop A Slow Leak In Your Car’s Tire

With newer car models these days, your tire pressure monitoring system can keep you aware of times when the air in your tires falls 25% lower than normal. Typically, you’ll receive a warning light indicator and proceed to fill the lacking tire with air in order to get back on the road. But in some cases, you may notice that the same tire is consistently running out of air at a rate faster than the others, which more than likely means a leak has occurred. Slow leaks can lead to a range of different issues, but before jumping to conclusions or tire repair, let’s discuss some methods for determining in a leak is present and how it can be remedied in no time.Jiffy Lube Largo

Leak Identification

There are a handful of tire problems that can affect the occurrence of a leak, most obviously beginning with a puncture in the wheel. This common and easily fixable event happens when your tire runs over a piece of debris such as a nail, causing a slow leak that may only be identifiable over time. Another area of the wheel which can be affected by sharp debris would be the tire bead, which is the part responsible for sealing in the air between the wheel and tire. After faulty tire installation, puncture, or experiencing rubber decomposition, the tire will have to be either remounted or replaced. The last two places that slow leaks occur would be the valve stem or the wheel itself. The valve stem is where the hose attaches to inflate the tire, and this small sensitive component has a spring located inside which can break. Likewise, wheel corrosion or warping from dealing with terrible weather elements can cause deterioration, resulting in a leak. So like most car components, common wear and tear becomes a nasty foe if tire repair is put off for an extended period of time. When I notice any of these leak signs, instead of handling the measure myself or risking a pop, I head to a shop for tire repair near me.

There are a few “DIY” methods to identify a slow leak, however, to make sure my analysis is correct, I visit professionals for tire repair near me. Visually, any signs of perforations to the sidewalls of the tires can indicate a potential breach in the padding. Audibly, next time you’re in a quiet parking space, listen to your vehicle to check for hissing noises. If you can hear air escaping your tires, mark the area with a piece of chalk to make things easier when you take the car into Jiffy Lube locations in Largo. Finally, to identify a leak within the valve stem or tire bead, mix together a quick solution of four parts water to one part dish soap. After that, spray the solution onto your valve stem, tire walls, and tread while looking for bubbles to form. If bubbles are spotted during my monthly inspections, that means there’s a leak that needs to be addressed with tire repair near me.Tire Repair

Applying The Fix

While there are a few tire issues that can be remedied whilst ensuring the tire remains salvageable, leaks due to extreme levels of corrosion, warping, or rubber deterioration most likely require full replacement. For issues of debris being caught in the tire bead, a simple dismount, cleaning, and remount are in order by you or the technicians at a Jiffy Lube location in Largo or elsewhere. Though many newer car models come equipped with some sort of aerosol sealant to provide the driver with a quick fix, these kinds of temporary solutions are not ideal because you’re still riding on weakened support. Lastly, if the valve stem needs to be replaced, the professionals working at Jiffy Lube in Largo and throughout the nation can supply the tire repair tools you may need to complete your operation, such as the valve core tool. No matter what the issue may be, tire problems are among the more important maintenance issues to keep an eye on with regard to vehicle safety. Facilitating routine repair or replacement is well worth it because you’ll prevent further tire damage while keeping you and every car around you just a bit safer.


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