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Jiffy Lube Discusses The Differences Between Engine Oils

Jiffy Lube Oil Change

Differences Between Engine Oils

For any motor vehicle, engine oil has often been considered the “lifeblood” of the system, providing lubrication and heat control inside of each vital component. As the quality of the oil in any vehicle begins to degrade, or if any leaks are formed, it’s not long before serious issues can occur. However, notOil Change all motor oil is made equally, and some types of oils breakdown faster than others, requiring multiple oil change services per year. With many different brands, specs, and types of engine oil to select from, many drivers are left confused by how each oil differs from the next. Listed below are the main classifications of engine oil, their key differences, as well as how they enhance each vehicle’s performance.

Conventional Oil

Utilized by nearly half of all drivers on the road, conventional oils are primarily petroleum based,  made from refined crude oils. They are the most inexpensive class of oil, however, their affordability comes with a few downsides. For starters, conventional oils are more prone to sway with temperature changes, meaning they will thicken during the colder months and grow thinner when it’s warm. Additionally, conventional oil has the tendency to compile sludge deposits in the crevices of the engine, requiring far more oil change services per year than the following oil types.

Full Synthetic

On the opposite end of the spectrum, full synthetic oils are expertly crafted with additives to provide extra benefits to any modern vehicle. While they are made from crude oil just as conventional, synthetic oils cost far more because of their ability to remove impurities, last longer, and provide superior lubrication. All of these incredible capabilities make synthetic oils last far longer than conventional, outperforming conventionals by up to as much as 50%. The more efficient the oil runs, the less oil is consumed by the engine, and fewer oil changes are needed in the long-run.Oil Change Service

Synthetic Blends

These blended formulas are comprised of both conventional and synthetic oils, providing ample lubrication for specific types of vehicles. A favorite among pickup truck drivers, synthetic blends are selected for vehicles braving rougher terrains or warmer climates. Synthetic blends are chosen for their ability to resist heat without breaking down nearly as much as conventional, resulting in drivers needing fewer oil changes than conventional but more than full synthetic.

High Mileage

One type of synthetic blend is classified as high mileage because it is primarily intended for vehicles that have accumulated 75,000 plus miles of travel. As vehicles stack up miles over time, the inner seals and bearings of each vital component begin to wear down or build up harmful amounts of sludge. High mileage oils are packed with special additives, antioxidants, and detergents to protect the areas of each vehicle while actively removing impurities. For older vehicles, high mileage typically becomes the go-to oil during the later years. The decision to switch over to high mileage or any other oil type should be carefully consulted during a Jiffy Lube oil change appointment.

No matter what kind of oil each vehicle utilizes, the degradation of oil quality is something every driver should be keeping an eye on. While each vehicle manufacturer has distinct guidelines for when an oil change service should be performed, it can be easy to lose track of how many miles have been traveled. Scheduling a Jiffy Lube oil change not only allows for fresh, clean oil to replace the sludgy mess of outdated oil, but it also allows technicians to inspect any other potential issues as well. Selecting the correct oil for each vehicle model, as well as the kind of driving that will be performed, is crucial to upholding the health of the vehicle itself. By visiting Jiffy Lube for oil changes on a routine basis, professional technicians can assist any driver in finding the correct additives each vehicle needs most.


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