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Most Important Car Maintenance Services to Keep Up On

Oil Change Service

There are so many different sections and components of your car to keep an eye on, each with their own set of mechanisms. Over time, the different areas of your vehicle can become faulty, resulting in poor performance or worse- a breakdown. While a few maintenance issues can wait longer than others before repair, some of them require immediate assistance from Jiffy Lube services. The noticeable issues we’re going to cover should be taken care of as seen rather than put off until it’s too late and something breaks, rendering your car unusable.

Motor Oil

The motor oil in your vehicle is like the blood running through veins and arteries if your car were a person. It’s among the most essential elements to keep maintained Jiffy Lube Oil Changebecause so many components rely on it for lubrication and heat regulation, most of all your engine. The quality of your oil is what matters, and as the months of driving pass by, we all need an oil change service to replenish the stock. While the user manual to your car model can tell you the intervals you should be receiving your oil changes at, visibly you can also see when it’s time for a swap. As the amber, bright color of your oil decreases, turning into a blackish sludgy mess, you know it’s time for a Jiffy Lube oil change.

Just as important as the health of your oil, is its safety in the reservoir where it lies. Oil leaks are the other huge problem with oil maintenance and if you discover a leak, you need an oil change service stat! Leaks are indicated by the oil warning light on your dashboard, or you’ll begin to detect a foul odor coming from your cabin. In either case, a Jiffy Lube oil change is the next step because oil dripping into your exhaust can be an enormous problem. Beyond that, if your engine runs out of oil to utilize for its necessary mechanisms to function, you’re in deep, deep trouble, and the car may stop working entirely. By receiving a Jiffy Lube oil change in a periodic fashion throughout the year, their professionals will be able to spot leaks before they become an issue on the road.

Battery Charge

Making sure your battery charge is in a safe space can be tricky if you don’t pay attention to the performance of your vehicle over time. We rely on the battery to supply power throughout every component in the vehicle, therefore after about 3 years of usage, it’s extremely important to conduct routine battery charge checks. Depending on what kind of driving you do, as well as the type of climate your battery endures, you may need to perform more specific intensive maintenance. During winter months, it’s imperative to check on your battery to make sure it never swells up from outside moisture. By keeping your battery healthy, you’ll utilize every ounce of oil kept in your tank.

Tire Care

While we could cover an entire article purely about maintaining the tires, it’s generally best to keep your servicing in line with what your car manufacturer recommends. Jiffy Lube ServicesThat being said, the terrain your vehicle travels upon will affect your tires in every way imaginable. The top three things to remember about tire health are alignment, rotation, and pressure. Luckily, most modern vehicles have LED indicators to inform you of your tire pressure, letting you know if the pressure among your wheels is uneven. If so, taking a ride to the gas station to balance out the air is fine. However, if you notice other issues with your tire performance such as strange swerving upon acceleration or visibly worn down treads, it’s time for a few Jiffy Lube services. Obviously, if your wheels fail you, you’re stuck unless you have a replacement.

Whether it be an oil change service, a tire rotation, or a quick battery charge check, maintenance on your vehicle is always worth it. Sometimes routine servicing can be tedious, especially if you need your car every day, but the benefits are endless from saving money to preventing further damages. There are Jiffy Lube services available for each car section we’ve discussed, plus any other area. The more you take care of your car today, the less you’ll need to in the future.


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