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Reasons Your Car Battery Dies

Car Battery

When your car battery dies, you may be tempted to write it off as just one of those things that can happen from time to time. Usually, though there is a reason as to why your car battery dies and knowing the signs to look out for can help you determine if there’s a problem that needs to be addressed. 

Let’s take a look at some of the factors causing your car battery to die.

Leaving Your Lights On 

If you leave your headlights or your dome lights on, then your vehicle’s battery will drain. Usually, if you leave your lights on overnight, then you’ll find that the battery will be dead in the morning.

Sometimes this is done entirely by accident, and it can be easy to leave your lights on when you leave your vehicle. Hopefully, this will only happen once, and if your battery runs flat from leaving your lights on, it’s usually not too serious. 

The Battery Is In Weak Condition 

Poor maintenance can leave a car battery in poor condition, which will cause the battery to lose power quickly. If a battery is in poor condition, then it won’t fare well in hot or cold weather. Even small drains on the battery, such as the clock in your car or the radios memory function, can cause the battery to drain.

Extreme cold or hot weather can also cause underlying problems within the battery to get worse. If you have a new battery in your car then hot or cold weather shouldn’t affect it, only if a battery is in weak condition will it be affected by the weather.

Corroded or Loose Battery Connections 

If the battery connections are corroded or loose, then your vehicle’s battery won’t charge properly. Two ports stick up from your car battery, the negatively charged port, and the positively charged port. Occasionally the screws or bolts can become loose, which can cause your car not to start. 

If the ports on the battery are corroded, then the connection will be weak. When corrosion occurs, there’s less metal on metal contact, which makes it harder for power to transfer from the battery to the starter. 

Get Your Car Battery Checked

If you’re looking to keep your car battery in good condition, then it’s worth getting into the habit of having your car battery regularly maintained. If your vehicle’s battery is having problems, then the technicians at Jiffy Lube will be able to determine what the issues are. 

The battery maintenance services from Jiffy Lube include battery terminal cleaning, cable replacement, and tightening connections on the battery of your vehicle. Jiffy Lube also offers car battery replacement services, so you can be sure your car battery will be taken care of whatever the problem may be.


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