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The Importance Of Changing Drivetrain Fluid

Transmission Fluid Change

Just like the motor oil running throughout your engine provides ample lubrication to aid each component in fulfilling its mission, drivetrain fluids perform the same function, plus much more. The complex parts of the drivetrain need cooling, power, and reduction of friction in order to run at optimal levels. Through everyday usage, the quality of these vital fluids can experience deterioration. And if you’re constantly driving in harsh weathers or rough terrain, the deterioration can happen relatively quickly.

Aside from deterioration, the other culprit of drivetrain destruction would be a fluid leak, in which case you would begin smelling a foul odor coupled with orange or green liquid expelling from beneath your car. The other sign of a leak or another drivetrain fluid issue would be an engine temperature increase over the course of a normal drive, or the engine temp shooting up irregularly after starting the car. Any of these signals let you know that it’s time to schedule some Jiffy Lube drivetrain services. But first, let’s get a bit more of an understanding of how that goes down because this is deeper than aClosest Jiffy Lube simple transmission fluid change.

How The Drivetrain Works

The “drivetrain” area of your vehicle breaks down into three distinct sections that require their own specific fluid change intervals. The three parts are called the transmission, the differential, and depending on whether your vehicle is four wheel drive or all wheel, the final part is the transfer box. Obviously, for novice drivers, navigating through these components may be a bit of unknown territory, so don’t hesitate to visit your closest Jiffy Lube before diving in head first.

The transmission, arguably the most complex region of your vehicle, is the crucial component which controls your vehicle’s wheels. By dedicating hydraulic pressure to shift a multitude of gears, your transmission affects the power given to the wheels to help maintain a certain speed. The transmission fluid change is an essential part of Jiffy Lube drivetrain services because over time, just like motor oil, debris and sediment will begin forming in the recycled fluid, causing its performance to drop. While your vehicle’s manual will be able to inform you of the specific grade of transmission fluid accepted by your manufacturer, when you take a trip to the closest Jiffy Lube near you, they’ll replace your outdated fluid with the same oil or better.

The differential is in charge of the drive wheels and their ability to turn at various speeds. For vehicles with front-wheel-drive, the differential actually shares the same compartment and gear oil as the transmission. For this reason, the differential is also referred to as the “transaxle”. On the other hand, vehicles with four-wheel-drive have three differentials, one for the front, back, and center. The Jiffy Lube Drivetrain Servicestransfer case is also found only in four and all-wheel drive, and its function is to help draw power from the engine to the front and rear axles. For the multiple differentials, as well as the transfer case, the fluids within them both help reduce wear damage and maintain temperature control.

Timely Service

Whether you need a routine transmission fluid change or specific attention to your differentials, visiting your closest Jiffy Lube for professional assistance is vital for the longevity of your drivetrain. Helping your gears run smoothly by replacing old, sludgy oils can prevent further unnecessary issues from forming. The Jiffy Lube drivetrain services should be completed every 100,000 miles you travel, however, some specialists suggest committing to replacing their fluids every 50,000 miles. As mentioned above, if you’re hauling heavy cargo or braving abnormal road conditions, you’ll want to keep an even closer eye on your fluid health.


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