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What Is A Brake Fluid Flush & When To Get One

Brake Fluid Flush

What Is A Brake Fluid Flush & When To Get One

The functionality of the braking system is obviously among the most important things to stay on top of as a driver. Typically, when we begin hearing loud squeaks upon stopping, we know it’s the brake pads that may need inspection. If there are strange vibrations or the brakes feel abnormal, it could be that the rotors have warped. But when it comes to brake fluid, the symptoms that reveal it’s time for a brake fluid flush aren’t as easy to spot, and unfortunately, many drivers overlook this simple task when it comes to their routine vehicle maintenance. Let’s discussBrake Service what a brake fluid flush actually entails, and the average amount of times we’ll need them over the years.

The Procedure

Similar to engine oil, brake fluid is a special liquid that helps lubricate the brake system so that it can work efficiently, stopping you at a moments notice. But just like engine oil begins to degrade in quality over the course of each vehicle’s natural lifespan, so does brake fluid. Clean, healthy fluid turns discolored, gritty and in all seriousness an eventual hazard to the vehicle. One potential reason for brake fluid deteriorating in quality can be small bits of the brake calipers and wheel cylinders breaking off into the fluid. Another reason that brake fluid breaks down is that water can get inside of the reservoir, causing rust to form on the internal components of the brake system which expedites the process of buildup in the fluid. Essentially, a brake fluid flush is a brake service where the unhealthy fluid within the reservoir is carefully removed and replaced with fresh fluid. By doing so, you’ll not only enhance the performance of your brakes while you’re on the road, but you’ll extend the lifespan of each brake component.

How To Tell It’s TimeBrake Check

Unlike many maintenance operations that each vehicle needs, when it comes to brake services, it’s harder to give an exact mileage for when it’s time to go in for a brake check or fluid flush. While you certainly don’t want to wait until you begin noticing signs of deterioration, the key sign for low-quality brake fluid would be significantly less stopping power. In the case that you see such a symptom, it’s important to immediately schedule a brake check. However, if you’re responsible enough to stick to the schedule of your car manufacturer’s manual, there should be information in there about how many miles to go before receiving brake services such as a fluid flush. In many cases, certain manufacturers may not mention a specific amount of miles and instead will recommend performing a fluid flush every 2-3 years. In any case, during your next brake check with the technicians at Jiffy Lube, inquire about whether or not it’s time for a fluid flush to be sure your braking system stays at maximum efficiency. A relatively short, simple procedure performed on time will keep your brakes protected, and save a ton of stress in the long run.


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