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Why Car Wheel Alignment Matters

Wheel on road

Why Car Wheel Alignment Matters

When you’re driving your car, you want the steering wheel to align with the wheels so you can steer easily. Any misalignment in your wheels can cause your vehicle to become unsafe when you drive. It’s essential to get your car’s wheel alignment checked regularly to make sure everything is working correctly, and your vehicle is safe to drive.

If you notice you’re not heading in a straight line when you drive, or the steering doesn’t feel right, then it’s time to get the wheel alignment checked

What Causes Wheel Misalignment?

The wheels on your vehicle can become misaligned over time, but you may be doing certain things that contribute to them becoming misaligned more regularly than they should be. There are a few driving habits you should avoid to make sure your wheels stay aligned for as long as they should. 

Hitting Curbs 

Sometimes hitting a curb is unavoidable, but you should always attempt not to do so. Whether it’s a gentle bump as you pull into a parking space or a heavier bump as you reverse, it’s advisable to get the alignment on your wheels checked should you hit a curb. Any bump can throw your wheels out of alignment


Speedbumps are usually clearly visible in the road and give you enough time to slow down to navigate them safely. Sometimes though, you may not notice a speedbump on the road. Hitting a speedbump can throw the wheels of your car out of alignment and potentially damage the suspension on your vehicle. Always keep an eye out for speedbumps on the road and make sure you slow down accordingly if you come across them. 

Car Accident 

Any car accident should be taken seriously. Even if the accident isn’t severe and your car appears to be fine, it’s worth heading to a mechanic to make sure your wheels are aligned, and the car is safe to drive. Sometimes issues with your car after an accident aren’t always immediately apparent and can get worse over time; make sure to keep an eye on your vehicle to make sure it’s handling and driving correctly. 

Not Maintaining Your CarWheel Alignment Service

Often wheel alignment isn’t listed as a regular maintenance item, but experts recommend that wheel alignment should be checked regularly. If you’re getting any steering related issue solved on your car, then it’s worth getting the wheel alignment checked. Regular maintenance of your car is key to keeping it running in the long term.

Get A Professional Opinion

If you need your vehicle’s wheel alignment checked then head down to your local Jiffy Lube today. Jiffy Lube’s expert staff can quickly diagnose any problems that your car is facing and provide a wheel alignment service if your vehicle is in need of one.

You can’t underestimate the importance of safety so make sure you get the wheel alignment of your vehicle checked regularly. 


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