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Why Does My Car’s AC Smell?

Car AC

Why Does My Car’s AC Smell?

Your AC in your car should leave you feeling refreshed, particularly in those hot summer months. The last thing you want is a funny smell coming from your AC, not only because the scent is off-putting but because it can also distract you from your driving, which can impact on your safety on the road. Your car AC shouldn’t smell, so if it does, then there’s an issue. 

Hopefully, the smell isn’t too bad, but if your car AC does have one, then it’s worth getting it checked out by a mechanic or garage that offers a car air conditioning service. There are a few different reasons as to why a smell might be developing. Let’s look at some of those common reasons which cause a smell in a car’s AC.

Mold And Bacteria 

The longer you have your vehicle, the higher the chances that a bit of mold or bacteria may develop and cause a smell. Even if you clean your car regularly, it doesn’t take much for a smell to develop. If you use your AC regularly, then the unit can stay damp most of the time, this creates a breeding ground for mold and bacteria to grow and thrive. The air that passes through will carry the foul smell inside of your car through your dash vents. 

The good thing is that smells of mold and bacteria are relatively easy to remove from a car; one way to remove the smell is to clean or replace your AC filters. If the air filters in your vehicle are dirty, then airflow will be reduced, and moisture will stay inside of the unit. You should replace your filters as much as the manufacturer recommends. 

Gas Leak

If you smell a gas leak, then you need to get your car checked out. As well as the smell, a gas leak could also point to deeper problems with your vehicle. If you smell gas every time you turn on your AC, then the chances are your car has a gas leak.

The only way to fix this smell is to repair the leak itself. If you think your car has a gas leak, then you can check near the fuel pump, spark plugs, and injector lines. You can also go to the back of your car and check if any drips are coming from your fuel tank. 

Get Your Car Checked

If your AC continues to smell and you can’t work out why then it may be time to get your car checked. Sometimes the smell is hard to identify and a professional is needed to help identify the problem. The experts at Jiffy Lube Tampa are on hand to help you find out what is causing your AC to smell, it may a simple issue or something a little more complex. If the smell is causing you some concern then pop into Jiffy Lube Tampa today and let the experts give you a helping hand.


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