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Why Your Car AC Is Not Blowing Cold Air

Car AC Repair

Why Your Car AC Is Not Blowing Cold Air

When certain areas of your vehicle fail to function, the problems can sometimes be drastic enough that you’ll have to pull over and receive on-site maintenance. While this may not be the case with a Car Air Conditioning Service Near Memalfunctioning car air conditioning unit, the uncomfortable issue may persist long after detection. Depending on your climate, of course, a failing AC can be catastrophic, but with some timely car AC repair, you can be back up and cool again in no time. There are a few different components which make up your AC unit, so let’s take a gander at some reasons why your car air conditioner isn’t blowing cold air.

The Usual Suspects

The clutch cycling switch is a component which triggers the electromagnetic clutch connected to the air compressor. If the clutch cycling switch fails to function properly, then the air compressor won’t turn on to pressurize your refrigerant. Without pressurization, the failure to balance the amount of refrigerant can result in hot air being released. As these electrical components may sometimes lose their ability to make contacts over time, this problem requires professional car AC repair.

Speaking of refrigerant, this precious liquid is the most vital lifeblood of your AC system. If the refrigerant levels fall below normal, the AC will absolutely fail to blow out cold air because the compressor Jiffy Lube Largowill fail to cycle. As this is the most common problem for AC systems, Jiffy Lube in Largo has technicians prepared to perform a check for leaks or refill if necessary. Leaks which allow the refrigerant to escape slowly over time can be a particular thorn in your side if left unnoticed.

One of the other common culprits of producing warmer-than-usual air would be a broken condenser. This radiator between your grill and the motor is responsible for transforming the gaseous refrigerant into a liquid. If the AC condenser coil is clogged or blocked in any way, or if a leak has formed in the condenser, it will fail to properly process the vital refrigerant. Unlike other components which need timely repair or refueling, the condenser can remain unchecked until you spot a problem.

Though the most common reason for a car air conditioning unit to blow out hot air is low refrigerant, other leaks or restrictions within the system can prevent proper function as well. That means any blockages such as a jam within the blend air door will need to be resolved in order to process cooler air. The blend air door responds to the switch inside of the vehicle which controls the AC temperature. During ordinary usage, the blend air door sometimes gets jammed, preventing cold air from passing through the vents. Since this problem requires a bit of further inspection, Jiffy Lube in Largo can provide assistance to make sure the blend air door actually is your problem.

Most issues aside from a simple refrigerant fill will require professional car AC repair. The technicians at Jiffy Lube in Largo have all of the tools necessary to determine what the exact problem is, along with the expertise to handle the job. Nobody wants to be stuck in the heat without a working AC unit, on land or on wheels. Don’t put off an issue that can become an even bigger threat to your system, especially one so easy to fix and uncomfortable in the warm months ahead.


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